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Engraved Black Japanese Chopsticks

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Chopsticks are the trademark of all Asian cultures and are known for their great functionality of how two sticks work together as one.  These chopsticks give a twist to the traditional chopsticks, with each end plated with silver and resting on a matching silver holder.  Give your guest these elegant favors to symbolize the union of two people. Have the name of the couple engraved on one chopstick and the date on the other.
• size: 9"L
• personalization: includes 1 line each

Chopsticks are the trademark of all Asian cultures and are known for their great functionality of how two sticks work together as one.  These chopsticks give a twist to the traditional chopsticks, with each end plated with silver and resting on a matching silver holder.  Give your guest these elegant favors to symbolize the union of two people. Have the name of the couple engraved on one chopstick and the date on the other.

• size: 9"L

• personalization: includes 1 line each

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