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Rockwell Industry’s Eco-Friendly Printing Services


Digital Printing

Image matters and branding your business’ visibility is important to you. That’s why there's no better solution for this option than to go with our digital printing services for all your garment marketing needs. Digital printing can performed on the most basic image designs to the most elaborate artworks. It doesn’t require any screen burn image charges or messy ink setups. Digital printing is eco-friendly. That’s because digital printing uses less ink and emulsifying solutions that were part of the older process of garment printing, where the used solutions were drained into the ocean. Finally, the best part of digital printing is that it’s a more efficient printing process will translate into money savings for your ordering budget.


Digital Engraving

Did you know that engraving is environmentally friendly? Unlike screen printing, which uses harmful chemicals that normally gets washed down the drain, digital engraving uses a digital laser that creates an inscription of your logo or message onto your promotional items. That means it doesn’t use any inks at all. It’s a simple process that is fast and eco-friendly. Choose from our wide range of mugs, chopsticks, business card holders and much more.



The beauty of getting your promotional items embroidered is the feeling that you get from a threaded stitching of your corporate logo or personalized message onto a garment is that it is 100% friendly for the environment. No inks or laser burning at all. Once your logo is stitched onto a garment, embroidery provides a professional appearance for your business that is unlike digital printing or engraving. It has a great level of color durability; it can withstand multiple washes, dry cleaning, and maintain its color vibrancy. In addition, embroidery can be virtually stitched anywhere onto a garment. 

Decals Printing

Vinyl decals printing is a sticker type material that is plastic like with extra qualities such as gloss, scratch resistance, weather resistant, and color richness. Many small to large companies choose to go with decal vinyl printing because of its cost effectiveness form of marketing. Most often, you’ll find vinyl decals great for outdoor marketing on office and car windows. And for those of you that might know this but as an eco-friendly, but vinyl is a recyclable material that can be reproduced back into our economy as carpet backing, medical products and much more. Didn’t know that did you? Now that you do, decal printing is cool huh?


Quick Ordering Printing Process

We have two ways for you to place your order. At Rockwell Industry’s onsite store location in Torrance, CA or you can start ordering online here. Just browse through the hundreds of unique promotional items for wedding favors, corporate giveaways and personalized gifts. For fast processing, just use our online store to upload files and download templates. Also, when ordering, don’t forget to sign up to our weekly/monthly special discounts offer via email. Just provide print-ready files and we'll do the rest.


Rush Order Processing

You can place and manage your orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by letting us know how soon your need your orders delivered by, most orders will be printed and shipped the very next day.


Let Rockwell Industry help make your company image as the eco-friendly company to work with. Go with our eco-friendly printing services, it’s the best of both worlds – good for the environment and good for business.